Irix HDRUser Interface
Slick & Cognitive.

A contemporary, minimalist and a 'neo' style package that offers all the functions collapsed in a character width bar. This provides a neat UI with larger screen real-estate for the image.

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Quick access to 100% of tools. Focus on the specific edit that you wish to execute with no interference from other tools.


Tools sequencing to make your workflow a breeze. UI encourages the flow that best suits photo editing, yet offering you the flexibility to choose the tool.

Screen Area

Maximizing the screen real estate, Irix HDR is equally effective on small screen size as is for the larger sizes. Designed to keep portability and Laptop users in mind.

Chic Styling

Convenient transition from most of the modern and latest photo editing softwares, neo style UI encourages the amateurs to explore editing while the Pros will know their way in and out.