Event Photos EditingMaking the event eventful.

Make your captured memories vivid and enjoyable with specilaised tools. Be it a wedding shoot, anniversay, birthday or any celebration of life.

Coded for handling catalogs.

Event photogrpahy generally requires lots of quick shots to avoid missing a moment and lots of such mini events make an event. Irix brings dedicated tools to handle such work-types.

Batch Process.

Import entire catalog and process in one go. Cull the photos, pick the ones you wish to keep, rename, watermark, crop and resize to standard or a custom aspect ratio, adjust image quality parameters and export in one click... all of it in HDR or XDR.

Copy & Paste Edits.

Perfect an image, copy edits and paste to another in one click. Apply edits to multiple similar images or all images of your choice to avoid editing all the images before culling. Pick the ones that stand out the most.

AI Auto Enhance.

With AI model trained on 12+ million images, MyND AI is a smart choice. Edit entire batch in one click with AI Auto Enhance. Free Set & Go.


IRX Catalog.

Edit and export entire catalog with 100% editing history as an IRX file. With a highly efficient compression code, IRX file format bundles all your photos together with all the edits you made in a small file size, so sharing is simple and quick, even if you are in a remote place with poor connectivity.
Share IRX file with colleagues and they can view the photos in any popular browser uning IRX viewer.

Multi Window.

Open multiple independent instances of Irix Pro and work on them simultaneously. Each instance is a separate Irix Pro project and completely independent of the other Irix window. Open multiple projects and cross-reference as you edit.

Face Retouch.

Be the cynosure of the event and make it special with face retouch and body sculpt.

Reference Image.

View all images in the filmstrip. Aceelerate your workflow, switch between images instantly and apply edits with filmstrip images updating in real time.
Open a reference window and place a reference image, making comparisons super swift.

Soft Proofing.

Event photos are best presented and enjoyed in print. Before you print, employ powerful softproofing tool to view the images in a Matte or Gloss finish with multiple white levels.

IRX Viewer.

Share the IRX file and and let your colleagues view your creatives in any browser even if they do not have Irix Pro.

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iCloud and OneDrive integration.

Fully integrated with Apple and Microsoft ecosystem, import and export photos from iCloud or OneDrive and have complete access anywhere anytime. Share IRX catalogs seamlessly with colleagues anywhere in the Globe.

Event editing workflow.

Irix Pro offer multiple options for import, export and change of file formats.

  1. Import images.
  2. Group similar images in one IRIX session
  3. Apply filter or AI Auto Enhance on one represntative image
  4. Finish in Global Adjustments
  5. Copy and apply edits on all images in few key strokes
  6. Export as IRX Catalog, share with clients & teammates for review
  7. If good, batch process the catalog with choice of File Format, Photo series name, Watermark, Aspect ratio and Quality

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