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Irix HDR and HDR classic comes equipped with the revolutionary IRX file format. Acting as a project file for your complete catalog with all images plus respective edits, IRX significantly reduces friction when working in teams. Share catalogs between editing members, or easily share your work with clients, IRX has you covered.

Open IRX Viewer

Optimised for Safari and Google Chrome.

View HDR & XDR photos in IRX Viewer. Enjoy Mac and high nits displays with an extended range of brightness, and see the photos directly in the viewer before starting a batch export. View RAW and JPG images in your browser in HDR or XDR.


Enjoy variety of file formats while viewing in IRX Viewer on any browser and OS of your choice.

Browser of choice

Compatible with any and all. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or any other browser of your choice. IRX Viewer is a universal app to view IRX file format.

Share work-in-progress

Need a review - share draft images with teammates using IRX file format with zero loss in fidelity, editing history, and the edits.
Just ask your teammates to open IRX Viewer in any browser for free and view IRX files.


IRX file format

End-to-end collaboration with IRX.
IRX file format is a super efficient compression format that bundles all your photos with complete history and audit trail in a compact file size compared to popular compression formats like Adobe PSD. Just import photos, edit, export as IRX file and share.

Using IRX format, you or your teammates can resume on any computer from where you left editing or even go back in history and make amends.

Typical collaboration workflow.


  • Import
  • Edit
  • Save as IRX catalog
  • Share


  • Open & view in IRX Viewer, or
  • Open in Irix Pro and resume editing where you left


Design and create your own LUTs. Apply LUTs to popular photo and video editors.
Save for events, share with teammates or trade commercially.

Apply LUTs in IRX Viewer.
An active companion.

Import and preview custom LUTs, view EXIF information and interrogate editing history of each image. So your team members and clients can appreciate your thinking and artstyle.

Participate. Globally.

IRX Viewer and Irix HDR can help you finalise your work for a global community. Powerful editing in Irix HDR and team/community viewing in IRX Viewer.

Open IRX Viewer