Your Aperture to the World.

Go Beyond the Skies.
Artificial, yet natural.
Smart Conform for social media.
Insert Text, Emoji, Watermark.
Import & Export LUTs.
Edit Panorama & 360°.

Sky replacement with SkyXpress.

Be your own weatherman, insert skies and weather systems of your choice, be it from our library or the one you shot. Smart Edge detect lets you define boundaries with surgical replace

Sky Replacement with SkyXpress.

User Interface.
HDR vs HDR classic.

Irix Pro is offered in two distinct and hugely diverse User Interfaces (UI). Both the Apps are functionally identical in all respects and the only difference is their UIs. Both the UIs were developed with users' preferences that have evolved over past decade.corel, paintshop, affinity, vsco and defringe


Both the interfaces have an engineered design to suit typical photo editing workflow, ease of access, steep learning curve and intuitive by nature. Select the UI that inspires or you are habituated to, and savor every moment of editing.EDR, XDR and HDR

Irix HDR

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Irix HDR Classic

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Engineered professional features.

Powered by Voxell-G graphics Engine, Voxell-AI and GPU Optimiser, Irix HDR meets all the demands of a professional workflow. With edits rendered in real time, enjoy seamless editing with 100% Non-Destructive edits and infinite history. iris and iris pro

Unlimited canvas with Overlays.

Create magical backgrounds and foregrounds with smart overlays. Use from a collection of 50+ overlays or simply import any image of your liking.

Make the overlay integral to the image, calibrate with multiple blending modes, Selective adjustments such as Brush & Radial Masks and erase the excess with Smart Edge Detect.layers

Productivity & Performance.

Developed for Mac & Windows ecosystems, Irix HDR integrates macOS & Windows, the latest M1 silicon Mac and ARM architecture in its design. AI is natively embedded in the application.

Binaire’s Voxell-AI Engine, Voxell-G Graphics Engine, GPU Optimiser, 64 bit processing - all work in tandem to deliver astonishing images. image editor, free photo editor and online photo editor

Accelerated performance with Metal and DirectX

Metal and DirectX dramatically accelerate graphics tasks like rendering, real-time effects and exporting. Photo editors on MacBook Pro, iMac Pro or Dell XPS or equivalent benefit from render performance that is up to 22% faster.


Optimised for Apple silicon and ARM architecture

Irix HDR features improved performance on latest Mac computers and Windows computers with SQ2 and Qualcomm 8cx chips. Rendering a complex image with mutliple overlays and filters is up to six times faster and editors can expect amazing panning and scrolling performance for upto 15K images with 8-10 overlays, all at full quality.PNG, WEBP, BMP, GIF and GRAY

Performance metrics

Irix HDR delivers unparalled image fidelity with 64-bit image processing. The Voxell-G GPU Optimiser distributes graphics payload between CPU and GPU. The IRX File format is a highly efficient format and preserves full image quality, all the edits and history until flattened.

Up to32xmore fidelity
than 32-bit images
Up to6xperformance gain
Up to23xfaster
lossless compression

The tools you need.
Start to finish.

With new innovative tools, intuitive design and use of latest technology, Irix Pro offers frictionless workflow and accelerates post-production. So you can create and share at lightening speeds.

Voxell-AI and Voxell-G

Powering Irix Pro are Voxell-AI and Voxell-G engines.

Voxell-AI is the world's first implementation of Active Foreground Neural Network (AFNN) technology. It learns on-the-fly and executes in real time to provide a low latency editing.

Voxell-G is the image post-processing and renderering engine, built using Metal for MacOS and DirectX for Windows.EDR, XDR and HDR


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Selective Adjustments

Offering the industry’s most advanced selective editing capability, enjoy the granularity of each pixel as you edit. For more repetitive work, copy-and-paste edits to an image or to the entire catalog of photo editor and free online photo editor

Intelligence where it matters most.

Thanks to the highly trained (12+ million image dataset) Voxell-AI engine, enjoy superfast AI tools that simulate life-like photography environment. Unleash your creative potential while CPU and GPU run complex math in the background. Clarity, Dehaze, Sharpen and Denoise

Advanced color grading.
Make it pixel perfect.

Discover the ultimate in color grading with special tools built into Irix Pro. Enjoy millions of color options in the XDR color space, fine-tune individual color curve with multiple control points or pick from intuitively picked colors and adjust the hue, saturation or luminance.
Apply camera and creative Look Up Tables (LUTs) for the perfect image. All color grading tools and scopes support Extended Dynamic range (XDR) color space and High Dynamic Range (HDR) image editing.High Dynamic range and Extended Dynamic range

High Dynamic Range

Work closer to human eye perception with HDR and XDR editing. Import, edit, color grade and create high-resolution photos with Voxell-G engine rendering XDR brightness in real time. View astonishing HDR & XDR content on Mac and Windows computers that display extended range of light levels.P3, sRGB and Adobe RGB

Image simulates the effect of HDR.

HDR on Pro Display XDR
& Asus ProArt Displays

View HDR and XDR images on Apple Pro Display XDR and Asus ProArt or equivalent displays that offer 1000+ nits of peak brightness, bringing out unprecedented detail in your work.drag and drop

Look Up Tables (LUTs)

Use Irix HDR to create LUTs for video editors in .CUBE format. Apply camera correction and creative LUTs with ease using drag-drop support.Soft proofing, Metadata, Pixel and Exif

Image simulates the effect of XDR LUTs.

Performance of ProRAW.

From the camera sensor to Irix Pro editor with no tampering in between. Edit original, unaltered images without sacrificing any details or smoothness. Irix Pro uses a specialised RAW engine for efficiently managing performance with the flexible bracketing of highlights and shadows when editing RAW images.

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Face retouch.

Present the best in you with that much-wanted change in looks. Skin enhance, smoothening, reshaping, blemish control etc. offer multitude of controls for you to create the expression that represents the real you.bokeh, body sculpt, blemish removal and skin enhance

Face retouch using Voxell-AI Engine.

Text, Watermark and Emojis.
Sign your work.

Irix Pro includes a comprehensive set of tools for text with a variety of formatting options. Sign your creative work with a watermark and stamp your claim. Insert emojis and create an emotional connect with the viewers.photogenic, Loupedeck, Streamdeck, polarr and pixlr

Capture with GoPro.
Edit in Virtual Reality.

Watermark, TIFF, RGB and CMYKDive deep and immerse yourself in the image. Edit in VR and touch the image as if real, in real time. Compatible with all GoPro cameras and popular VR headsets.

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360° image editing.
Make every degree count.

Irix Pro includes a complete toolset for importing, editing and delivering both monoscopic and stereoscopic 360° image.Fringing, grain and blur

360° editing

Edit 360° equirectangular images in Irix Pro. Import and edit like a regular image as Voxell-AI transposes all the tools to their 360° version. Enjoy unconstrained, 100% lossless editing and save, export or share with all the usual image management tools available to you.rasterize and filmstrip

Collaborate the IRX way.

Irix Pro is the first editor which comes with built-in collaboration tools and support for a complete prosumer experience. Extend collaboration with IRX Viewer to instantly showcase your image catalog to clients and teammates. IRX format preserves complete editing history along with edits, custom fonts & overlays on the entire catalog.lightroom, potoshop, skylum luminar and capture one

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